ETP CNC Turret

صنایع فلزیپرس پانچ

High efficiency and profitability

Low workmanship and maintenance cost

High speed with maximum accuracy



  • 3 automatic repositioning clamps and loading switches.
  • Tool lubricating system (Airblow).
  • Free standing control panel.
  • Control with foot pedal.
  • 1 software (Lantek or Metalix).
  • User manual and maintenance catalogue.
  • 15 x A station 1/2’’ fixed 1,6-12,7 mm round
  • 12 x B station 1-1/4’’ fixed 12,8-31,7 mm round
  • 2 x C station 2’’ fixed 31,8-50,8 mm round
  • 1 x D station 3-1/2’’ fixed 50,9-88,9 mm round
  • 3 x D station 3-1/2’’ index 50,9-88,9 mm round
  • Digital oil temperature indicator.


  • Notching and forming tools for various dimensions and forms.
  • Light barrier (for CE standard machines).
  • Additional sheet holding clamps.
  • Multi tools of 3,6,8 stations.
  • Adaptors for various stations (B, C, D).
  • Special coated tools for notching stainless materials (TIN, TICN, TICN Plus, MOVIC).
  • Work chute.
  • Stainless steel table with ball bearing support.

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