صنایع فلزیبرش پلاسما
The best choice for plasma
with its high productivity
and accurate cutting quality

Impressive solutions at Pipe Cutting

Add New Dimension to your Cuts



  • Hypertherm EDGE® Pro CNC* 15’’ LCD Sanayi Tipi Dokunmatik Ekran
    * 15’’ LCD industrial type touch screen
    * Hypertherm operator panel
    * Safety module input and output
    * Hypernet communication system
    * Remote connection interface
    * Phoenix interface
    * Metric and inch gauges.
  • HyPerformance® HPR130XD® plasma source* Hypertherm manual gas console
    * Plasma marking


  • Hypertherm Hydefinition Plasma Options* HPR260XD, HPR400XD, HPR800XD
    * Hypertherm automatic gas console
  • Oxy cutting station* Messer-tanaka oxygen torch
    * Ermaksan automatic ignition system
    * IHT Automation capacitive distance and height control
  • Manual angle cutting apparatus for oxygen and plasma
  • 350mm and 500mm adjustable stroke for oxygen and plasma

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